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...With Love

    ...With Love


Apply for a candle lit for your lost love one; with option of short message and photo.

Please e-mail using the following link giving the name of your loved one.

Light a Candle

Maximillian George   Gruber

Gladys Margaret   Gruber  (nee Robinson)
Sidney Eric Dominey            (Jim)
Florence May Dominey (nee Richardson)

Roy Warrington

Sylvia Hamilton
Florence May Riseborough        (nee        Richardson)


Gertrude Riseborough
Philip Riseborough


Beatrice Dominey (nee Twaites)


Sidney  Dominey (Senior)
Odette Williams
Betty Urban


Norman L. Jackson


Ray Schons


                                        With Love Healing                                           


                                                                       Distance Reiki and Energy Healing.                                                                        

                                                    Courses in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Angels, attunements         

                                                         including Colours of Angels, Lightarian and other healing energies.

                                                                   All my therapies are sent with love and light

                                               for inner balance especially during illness, grief, depression, anxiety from a        

                                                                                             qualified Reiki Master.


                                                                                   Enjoy your visit.

                                     Please stay a while and leave with a smile in peace and love.                                           




Caroline Gruber-Prince 2007


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